Today we’re happy to announce we’ve finished a feature that easily doubles the value of our plugin (without increasing the price): Zapier integration (beta).

By using Zapier webhooks, you can create Zaps that do anything when a user of your website completes a button, a page or a whole course. Including tagging a subscriber and automating a message to them if they finish one of those things. This is huge, because it means you can send better targeted messages, at the right time, to the right people.

This feature is available in our latest release, 2.9. You can purchase the plugin here, either as a yearly license or a lifetime license.

Other features in 2.9:

  • Developer API. Coders can now build off our existing functionality.
  • Graph updates. You can now turn off the code for graphs if you don’t use them on your site.
  • List and button updates. Programmers can now add style=”” to buttons and lists of lessons to do things like change a single button’s colour or use a different list style for a list of lessons.
  • Conditional updates. For advanced users, we’ve added a load of new conditionals for you, like “next to complete” “has a previous page”, “if a page is completed” and so many more.