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Make your WordPress course fully interactive with just a few clicks

WPComplete is a WordPress plugin that helps your students become more successful with online courses more by helping them track their progress through them. It works with most course and membership plugins and requires zero programming.

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WPComplete makes your WordPress course fully interactive

"It's incredible what this single plugin has done to improve the engagement with our content and help members feel like the course is interactive." Glen Allsopp, marketer

“This is the plugin I was waiting for. WPComplete is the final piece of the puzzle for creating high quality membership sites on WordPress.” Justin Jackson, product maker

"I'd almost given up on finding a simple plugin to let my users track their progress through my course... then I found WPComplete. I absolutely love using it.” Mark Butler, consultant

WPComplete has some incredible customers
WPComplete helps students finish what they paid for

Help students finish what they paid for

By giving your students a way to track their progress, they’re more likely to finish your course. That means happier and more accomplished customers, more testimonials from them, resulting in you and your course looking really good.

Progress is everything

WPComplete lets you create infinite buttons, lessons and courses. These are tracked in two ways: For the student, they can see what lessons they’ve finished and what’s left to do. For the teacher, you can see how far each student has progressed and which lessons are the most or least completed.

WPComplete, progress is everything
WPComplete is fully customizable to match your style

Fully customizable to match your style

WPComplete let’s you quickly adjust the colours to match the branding of your course for all buttons and graphs. Out of the box, it fits into any style, and you can take it even further if you want with normal CSS styles.

Works with most course and membership plugins

WPComplete doesn’t lock you into any WordPress theme or course software. Use whatever you’d like, and we’ll take care of adding lesson completion functionality. WPComplete is the functionality most online course plugins are missing.

WPComplete works with most course and membership plugins

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Free features

Mark lessons as complete Students can complete lessons so they know how far they’ve progressed in your course.

Any theme, any plugin Use WPComplete with any WordPress theme, membership plugin or page/post type.

Quick toggle Set which pages or posts are completable via Quick Edit or by editing the page/post.

Pro Features

Multiple courses Create as many courses or modules as you want, you can track them all separately.

Fancy graphs Use a bar or circle graph to display progress through your course via simple shortcodes.

Customize everything Choose different wording for the completion buttons and/or pick colours for the buttons and graphs.

View progress See the number of students who’ve completed each lesson + each student’s percentage completed.

Peer pressure Give students an added nudge by showing them how many others have completed each lesson.

Multi-button lessons If each lesson has multiple sections, think: completed video lesson, completed workbooks, completed spreadsheet.

Lesson listings Use a shortcode to show all the lessons in your course or courses. Customize it to only show completed lessons or only show incomplete lessons.

Last completed + up next Use a shortcode to show each user what the lesson was that they completed, so they can pick up where they left off and which is the next lesson in order they need to complete.

Pro Features... continued

Dashboard widget Get a quick view on your WP dashboard of your courses, buttons and students.

Conditional content Show content ONLY if a lesson is completed (or only if it's incomplete).

Lesson listings Use a shortcode to show all the lessons in your course or courses.

Custom post types Use any custom post type with WPC.

jQuery events Trigger javascript once a button or a page is complete.

Completion indicators Show logged in students which lessons they have already completed.

Completion redirect If a students clicks complete, they’re taken to the next lesson automagically.

Previous/next to complete Give students a way to go backwards and forwards in their lessons, based on the order of the lessons you’ve created.

WordPress filters For theme developers, there are now PHP filters you can use to run code if lessons are completed, buttons are completed or the course is completed.

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Trusted by thousands of course creators and fully backed by our 30 day money-back guarantee. Licences include:

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We’re also constantly working on this plugin and adding new features to it, and PRO users always get them for free with their licence.

“I paid $1,000 for a different course platform that I still haven't launched with... yet in 24 hours I created a full blown course with WPComplete Pro.”
-Shane Waite, designer

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