Student stories

Helping students find their own marketing wins

Justin Jackson is obsessed digital product marketing. He’s worked for SaaS companies, done consulting, written books and courses, ran online communities and hosted podcasts—all to help his customers and audience do better with their marketing efforts.

The only problem is that folks teaching internet marketing are a dime a dozen right now, since everyone and their third cousin seem to be teaching others about online marketing. But Justin has the experience, the smarts and a great style for sharing what he knows, and wanted to make sure the students of his course, Tiny Marketing Wins, were not only buying it but actually using the knowledge he was sharing for their own business.

Justin has a non-sleazy, disarmingly honest teaching style—which fascinates his audience and them into customers. This is what he shares in Tiny Marketing Wins, and why it’s been so well received.
In the beginning, the only problem was that he wanted his students be able to track which tactics they had tried and which were still left to try.

This is what brought him to WPComplete. He was using WordPress to power his course, and RestrictContentPro to manage the content and users. He just needed the extra functionality of tracking progress.

Luckily this is why WPComplete exists, because there are so many great WordPress course plugins, but none that have the functionality WPComplete does, to allow users to track and see progress, and admins to track and see students through their courses.

“This is the plugin I was waiting for. WPComplete is the final piece of the puzzle for creating high quality membership sites on WordPress.” -Justin Jackson

Justin wanted a great user experience for Tiny Marketing Wins, so he had a custom student dashboard created, that integrates with WPComplete so students can quickly see their completed tactics, their progress, and what tactics are still left to complete.

His students love having a visual reminder (the WPComplete progress graph) of how much they’ve accomplished so far. It spurs them on to complete more his tactics and get more value from his course.

Now Justin is able to provide even more value his students through Tiny Marketing Wins, which keeps them coming back each week to learn from him. It’s how he’s able to stand out in a super-completive market, and how he’s helping his students find their own wins.

The best way to turn WordPress into a fully customized online course

Jarrod Drysdale is a designer’s designer. He’s not only been working as one for over a decade, completing work for companies like StateFarm, McDonalds, New Line Cinema and Intuit, but he’s also been writing about design for publications like .Net, Smashing Magazine, CommArts and AIGA. Jarrod also runs an online design school called Proximity School.

In short, he knows the power of design and communicating through it, and that’s what he helps his students do as well by teaching them design theory which can be used in the real world (to get jobs or become more valuable in them).

In a world where so many designers struggle to get well-paying jobs or find well-paying clients, they often don’t know where to turn. Because as most designers know, most design education sucks.

Typical design training presents designers with a talking head who rambles about abstract ideas and leaves students with no real guide on how to put the theory into practice. Design bootcamps and industry events provide inspiration without practical techniques.

Jarrod’s training with Proximity School, however, is ruthlessly practical. It shows students the skills, and then how to actually use them, in practice, in the real world. And Jarrod knew, when creating it, that since it was training for designers, nothing about it could be ugly or boring.

This is exactly why Jarrod turned to WPComplete—because he wanted a way for students to track their progress, but in a way that looked like it perfectly fit into his well-designed course. From the progress tracking graphs to the completion buttons, Jarrod customized every part of WPComplete easily, making it fit his brand to a tee.

“WPComplete is the best plugin I’ve found for turning WordPress into online course software. It paid for itself on launch day.” -Jarrod Drysdale

WPComplete helps Jarrod’s students move quickly through the lessons, so they can go out and apply the new practical knowledge to their design work. It quickly shows them exactly where they left off, what they need to still accomplish, and leaves them feeling good about what they’ve completed so far.

On the backend, WPComplete gives Jarrod an understanding of his students, what they’ve completed (or not completed), so he can work at making his already great course even better and more valuable. It quickly and easily integrated with his WordPress and RestrictContentPro setup, so he could focus on the lessons he was teaching, and not spend days setting up software.

In short, Jarrod was able to create a course that’s both valuable and aesthetically caters to possible the hardest crowd to please with course design: other designers.