How To

Create and sell online courses

Online courses are solely responsible for me going from a freelancer, only getting paid when I did client projects, to a product creator, getting paid even when I’m sleeping (or eating a vegan burrito). And, while they aren’t a money tree that requires zero work, they generate much more revenue than is possible doing 1-to-1 work with clients.


Workshop to course

I want to share a simple way to test your big ideas, like a course or a web app, with a smaller idea first – like an online workshop. I’ve done this a bunch of times, and it’s worked quite well—not because it made all the money but because it was an excellent way to…


Freelancers make the best courses

Starting with client-work is the best and most natural progression to get the best head-start to create digital courses. Yet too many times people want to jump the gun. If you have an idea for a course, your first instinct might be to create that course, right? Sounds like a good next step? But it’s…

How To

When should you start making courses?

I chat with a lot of folks who want to make and sell courses (products). They wonder when to create a digital course. Which is great—it’s fun to make things that people want. It seems that most of them fall into three camps (these aren’t like the summer camps with an underwater meeting place in the…

Behind the scenes

The audience and the outcome

If you want to create something for money, there’s an easy framework for quickly figuring out all the decisions you need to make in order to go from start to finish: Who it’s specifically for. What the intended outcome is. That’s it. Those two points can guide your development plan, your launch strategy, your content…

How To

Launching is a full-contact sport

It doesn’t happen when things are perfect, because things are never perfect. It doesn’t happen when we’re ready, because we’re never truly ready. It doesn’t happen when we know how things will turn out, because we can’t ever guarantee outcomes. It doesn’t happen when we’re experts, because there’s always something left to learn. It doesn’t…