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Button Shortcodes

With the PRO version of WPComplete, you can use all the shortcodes, including the above code for manually adding a button to any type of content. You can also add several buttons to the same page, using “name”, like so:

[wpc_button name="button-one"]

You can also show the button from another lesson on your content by using “post”, such as:

[wpc_button post="345"]

You can also change the words on the buttons on a per-button basis (you can change them globally on the settings page):

[wpc_button text="Click me to complete!" completed_text="YAY! Completed"]

If you have a caching plugin present, you can try to add this to your shortcodes if they are caching your button (or any of our shortcode):

[wpc_button async="true"]

You can also filter listing pages by tag or by category (if your lessons are posts or a custom post type that use the “type” of “post”):

The available commands you can use for categories:

The available commands you can use for tags:

For example, to show all lessons with a category of “module1” you’d use:

[wpc_list_pages category_name="module1"]

If you wanted to show all lessons with a tag of “intro”, you’d use:

[wpc_list_pages tag="intro"]

If you wanted to show all lessons, except ones tagged as “intro”, where the intro tag had an ID of 34, you’d use:

[wpc_list_pages tag__not_in="34"]

If you want to have an “invisible button”, which can be completed manually through javascript, but that doesn’t show up on a users screen, you’d use:

[wpc_button hidden="true"]

If you want to have a button which auto-completes when a page is loaded (not when the button is clicked), you’d use:

[wpc_button autocomplete="true"]

And of course, you can combine hidden and autocomplete, so you could have a lesson where no button is shown, but it autocompletes by using:

[wpc_button hidden="true" autocomplete="true"]

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