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Conditional Content

To add content that will only show up if a button is completed (and hides if it’s not), use:

[wpc_completed_content]Conditional content[/wpc_completed_content]

To add content that will only show up if a button is incomplete (and hides when it’s completed), use:

[wpc_incomplete_content]Conditional content[/wpc_incomplete_content]

For either of the above code, you can add a button name to it, so it’s conditional based on a specific button on the lesson, like so:

[wpc_completed_content name="button-one"]Conditional content[/wpc_completed_content]

You can also show the conditional text of another lesson by referencing “post” in either shortcode, like so (where 435 is the post id):

[wpc_completed_content post="435"]

You can create button-specific conditional content:
[wpc_completed_content name="buttonname"]I am a completed button![/wpc_completed_content]

You can combine button-specific and page specific conditional content::

[wpc_incomplete_content name="button-one" post="435"]Conditional content[/wpc_incomplete_content]

You can even do page-specific conditional content, for when all the buttons on a certain page are completed:
[wpc_if_page_completed] I am a completed page![/wpc_if_page_completed]

Or if they’re not:
[wpc_if_page_incomplete] I am not a completed page![/wpc_if_page_incomplete]

If you want to show conditional content for completed pages on a different page, add the “page” to the above shortcodes:

[wpc_if_page_completed page="123"] I am a completed page![/wpc_if_page_completed]

To show conditional content based on a fully completed specific course, use:
[wpc_completed_content course="Course Name"]I am a completed course![/wpc_completed_content]

Or for incomplete specific courses:
[wpc_incomplete_content course="Course Name"]I am not a completed course![/wpc_incomplete_content]

To show course-specific conditional content for the course you’re currently on:

[wpc_if_course_completed]I am a completed course![/wpc_if_course_completed]

[wpc_if_course_incomplete]I am not a completed course![/wpc_if_course_incomplete]

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