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Last completed

If you want to show each student of your course what the last lesson they completed was or what the next lesson is (the one after the last they completed), you can use these shortcodes on pages like your dashboard, to let them know where to pick up where they left off.
To show the last lesson they finished, use:


You can also add options like text before the lesson name or after (prepended or appended). And if they haven’t started the course (i.e. they’ve not completed any lessons) you can use the option to add text for no completed lessons found.

[wpc_last_completed prepend="Before text: " append=" (After text)" not_found="Get started!"]

To show the next lesson, after the last lesson they finished, use:


For this shortcode, you must ensure the order is correct by adding ASC or DESC (depending on how you ordered your lessons), for example:

[wpc_next_to_complete prepend="Before text: " append=" (After text)" not_found="All done!" order="ASC"]

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