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Listing Your Lessons

Do you want to list all the content (pages, posts or conditional content) that are completable lessons? You can with this shortcode:


If you want to order your course by your menu order (from inside WP), use ‘orderby’:

[wpc_list_pages orderby="menu_order"]

If this puts your lessons in the opposite order, add an ‘order’ to it:

[wpc_list_pages orderby="menu_order" order="DESC"]

(If it’s still in the wrong order, change DESC to ASC” for order)

If you want to show WPC completable pages that excludes a page with an ID of 3 in the course called BrandMasters, you’d use:

[wpc_list_pages exclude="3" course="BrandMasters"]

You can also exclude pages from your listing by using the show option. For example:

[wpc_list_pages show="complete" empty="Nothing to see here..."]

This would only show completed pages in your course, and if there were no completed pages, it’d read “Nothing to see here…”

You can do the opposite as well, which would only show incomplete lessons:

[wpc_list_pages show="incomplete" empty="You’ve finished the course!"]

There are two ways to filter by completed/not-completed lessons as well, you can either use completed=”true|false” or show=”completed|complete”, like this:

[wpc_list_pages show="incomplete"]

This would do the same thing:

[wpc_list_pages completed="false"]

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